How to Submit

She is Sure is now accepting artist submissions for painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, writing, poetry, music, and video!

If you are interested in submitting your project for consideration, here are our rules:

VISUAL ART SUBMISSIONS: Email a maximum of 15 images from a cohesive body of work for consideration. Please make images sRGB, JPG, 72 ppi, min. 1000 px wide via

Please include the following information for each image:

Artwork title
Year it was created
Place (Town, State, Country) it was taken

WRITING SUBMISSIONS: Email a short story, or 1-4 poems (depending on the length of each one) in the body of the email or as a pdf file via Please include titles.

MUSIC SUBMISSIONS: Email 1-4 songs or send a link to a website where you host your music from a cohesive body of work via Please include song titles.

VIDEO SUBMISSIONS: Email a link to a website where you host your videos via Be sure to include a password if it’s necessary to view the video. Please include video title.

Include the following information as well:

Project name
Your First and Last Name
Your Email Address
Your Website/Blog/Facebook Page/Soundcloud/Bandcamp
Project description/Artist Statement (Please explain your work as if no one has ever heard about it)
Bio: A paragraph or two about yourself (Where you’re from, where you went to school, any where you’ve exhibited your work, any other projects you may have, etc.)

If your artist statement/project description or bio are on the larger side, please send them as pdf files.

You will receive a confirmation email telling you when we get your work and if we plan on featuring it. Thank you and She is Sure looks forward to seeing/hearing your work!


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