Christine WK: To Remember Feature


Today I am very excited to show an artist I truly admire for her intense passion & dedication to photography & self discovery. Christine WK is a photographer & artist from Malaysia who recently graduated from the New England School of Photography (NESOP) in Boston, Massachusetts. Christine is a great friend of mine & she recently came to me asking if she could be featured on the blog. “Of course!” I answered immediately, but then I began to wonder what project she would want to showcase. Christine has never been known for limiting herself to one specific realm of photography… in fact, she was quite notorious at school for trying out almost every class NESOP had to offer. When Christine told me that she had personal photos that she had been working on since graduating in June I was instantly intrigued to view this somewhat secret project.


Christine had created a project that she titled “To Remember” in order to honor her last months in America before returning home to Malaysia for the first time in more than two years. Most of the photos are of Christine’s bedroom & bathroom in the apartment building she has lived in since starting school 26 months ago. At first glance, some of the photos may seem mundane because of the subject matter, but once you realize the comfort & importance most of these objects & rooms hold for the artist your mind forever sees the images in a whole new light. When Christine asked me to help her narrow down the hundreds of photos to create a concise project we quickly noticed that many of the photos were meant to be diptychs because of the extra information that attributed itself to the artist’s personal backstory.

The following words are Christine’s personal thoughts about her project “To Remember“:


“This project took me 4 months in total & it’s still going on. I take a photo when I feel like I want to record this down, I don’t want to forget this. For example, I have a pair of orange color sock & every time I wear them, for some reason, I just think it is funny. It reminds me that I am not in Malaysia. In Malaysia, I was not used to wearing socks everyday, but after I came to Boston, I had to start wearing them every single day. I impressed myself by wearing socks everyday.”
“I took the photo of things that I don’t want to forget. I want to record down how it feel like every time I was sitting in the bathroom, sitting in the bath tub, looking at the water pouring down from the tap. I want to remember the color of it, how I live, what clothing I wear, how my room looks. I am losing all of this soon, so I want to record it down. It is sad to think that I have to leave Boston soon, to leave this room. It is a small room, even though sometime I think about moving to a more quiet place & a bigger room.”
“I left my house when I was very young, I never had a permanent place that belonged to me. But this time in Boston, this place feels special to me because I came from so far & have been alone in this room. Things changed a lot from the start. What I am doing in the room was different from when the first time I just got here. I just want to record them down.”
“Life is random, my work is not about perfection. The way I lay them out is random, uncertain, just like my life.”

If you go to her website, do not be surprised when you see fashion, architecture, documentary, editorial, & fine art photography all coexisting in a way that makes perfect sense once you know Christine WK.