Autumn Playlist 2014

It’s that time of year again when She is Sure puts together a playlist for the current season. With the weather getting colder, & hot apple cider and tea becoming prominent drinks…why don’t you snuggle up indoors, put on your headphones, and dive into these seasonal songs picked by the most recent She is Sure contributing artists? Enjoy!

Photo by Laura Knapp from her series "Verde"

Photo by Laura Knapp from her series “Verde”

“I’m Venezuelan, so I’ve never been influenced by the change of seasons until I moved to Boston, so I’m more about the way I’m feeling at the moment, but it definitely affects me.”

– Maria Mata

Autumn Jordan:

“I Found a Reason” – Cat Power

“He Woke Me Up Again” – Sufjan Stevens

“Festival” – Sigur Rós

“Uncantena” – Sylvan Esso

“Bridges and Balloons” – Joanna Newsom

Jillian Medugno:

“Pumpin’ Blood” – The NoNoNo

“Let it Be”- The Beatles

“Latch” – Disclosure

“What Doesnt Kill You” – Jake Bugg. 

“Where I Want to Be” – The Dangerous Summer

(Jill says, “RIP. They aren’t together anymore, but it has been such an inspirational song & really relays some struggles I have had.”

Kelly Gilleran:

“Telephone Line”-E.L.O. 

(Kelly says, “I listen to this one driving home at night a lot, which is a very dark drive especially as days get shorter. This one is just dramatic, sweeping, and pretty.”)

“Limelight”- Rush

“Touch Myself” -The Divinyls

“Lion in Coma”- Animal Collective 

(Kelly says, “I’ve been working on a lot of stuff other than my artwork lately, this is fun to scream out loud when you just want to paint.”)

“Little Red Corvette” – Prince

Maria Mata:

“Amalgamados” – C4 Trío

(Maria says, “C4 Trío is a traditional Venezuelan band, and it brings me back to my roots. I listen to it every now and then, and actually got a surprising visit from a friend who’s also a musician. He was doing a clinic for Berklee and played this song. It’s a reminder of where I started, where I come from and what I love the most.”)

“Aguanile” – Hector Lavoe 

“Linoleoum”- Pain of Salvation

(Maria says, “Gets me in touch with my darkness, it’s the best way I can put it, and some of my best work comes from darkness.”)

“Adolescent Sex”- Japan  

“Sleepy Time Time”- Cream 

Happy Listening!


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